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Professional Service

We are one of the most committed privately-owned chauffeur in the country. We promptly transport our clients when they want to move at any time no matter their destination. The role of a reliable chauffeur has become more complex than ever, no wonder we make sure that all our employees are knowledgeable in what it takes to do the job. We have many luxury vehicles that come with cutting-edge technology that can give you services tailored to your needs. We are highly committed to following the environmental requirements for companies in our niche. We are always available to offer our services 24/7 no matter their destination. Whether they are looking to attend many meetings in a single day, or they just want to get to the airport, you can leave it in our hands. We will do it promptly and conveniently.

Excellent Customer Service

We can swiftly respond to the needs of all our clients. Our customer service is consistent when it comes to bringing true value to the table. They have been equipped with the right technological tools to complete the task. When you think about our highly trained team of chauffeurs and top management team, you’ll understand we are regarded as a firm with high standards. Our customer service offers users 24-hour support. We can take your online reservations to accommodate any travel requests every day of the year.


We actively members of the relevant associations for reputable limousine transportation firms. You can rely on us because of our high standards when it comes to ground chauffeured transportation no matter your destination. All types of clients including private individuals and privately owned firms can rely on us. They can trust that we will give them a highly personalized, quick, and more convenient chauffeured ground transportation no matter their destination.


We show great commitment on the job. Since our clients drive us to serve them in the best way possible, it is normal to feel the need to offer them unwavering commitment. No wonder we have dedicated customer service to see to our client’s needs. We show great attention to detail. Nothing is left out. We are one of the best services in the region.

Multiple Vehicle Choices

Before booking your next trip, check out Avery Limousine Global. On our roster, you’ll find multiple cars to choose from. These cars are luxury vehicles. Whether you are an individual passenger who needs a ride to an important business meeting, or you are a company that needs to transport its employees to the airport for a business trip, we can complete your needs. We can coordinate your pick up times. We are one phone call away.

Competent Ground Transportation

You can rely on Avery Limousine Global for competent ground transportation services around the region. You can get one of our chauffeurs around at all times to take you around town to any destination of your choice. All you need to enjoy this service is to contact us and enjoy the ride.

Multiple Pricing Options

Our pricing options at Avery Limousine Global are broad. Any package you chose will depend on the type of vehicle and the features it offers. We offer specific package rates and even hourly rates as well. Whatever package you desire, you can just state your requirements and leave us to choose a suitable plan that will be tailored to your needs.

We Have the Designated Licenses to Operate in the Country

We have the appropriate licenses needed by all transportation services to operate in the country. We are duly licensed to operate in the cities, airports, and even seaports in the country. As a reputable transportation firm Avery Limousine Global we have members of the necessary organizations including the National Limousine Association.


We value your safety at Avery Limousine Global at all times. Of course, all professional limousine transportation services must work with well-trained employees. This is what we are known for. Our chauffeurs are well trained and know what they must do when they deliver automobile service within the region. We are meticulous when it comes to the maintenance of our vehicles. We do routine inspections before approving a vehicle to be on the road.

Prompt Service

All our vehicles have been fully equipped with the best GPS unit. This mechanism is designed to help communicate with our dispatch office. It will allow our chauffeurs to move promptly and our dispatch team will have the tools to monitor your vehicle’s location. They will also be able to check the traffic patterns and guide the designated chauffeur with an interface. No matter your obligation, whether you are stuck in traffic or a storm, our dispatch team will find a work around to help you get to your desired destination on schedule.

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