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Those of us who always like hiring a chauffeur service to take them to a sporting event will want a comfortable ride. They’ll want a reliable service. This is why at Avery Limousine Global, we offer our customers luxury transportation services for people going to a sporting event. We are always reliable. You can easily contact us to take you to your next sporting event in any location of your choice. The type of service we offer can turn your day out to the game into a moment to remember. The city is filled with people who love sports with thousands of fans ready to make the sports center exciting. Just book our limousine service for your sporting events and travel safely without any fears. You can be sure of avoiding any roadblocks along the way when you use our service. You don’t have to use the bus or taxi when you can attend the event in a luxury limousine.

Whether a sports fan or you are just visiting someone within the city and decided to attend a game to support one of the teams, Avery Limousine Global is your best pick for any type of sports game in the city. There is always a sporting event to attend in the city. It can be a local sporting event like school competitions, MLB games, NCAA games, NFL and NHL games. There are also many soccer games to watch as well. When you choose us, our limos can help make your experience fun. You will always arrive at the events center on time when you use our service. You will be able to arrive early to see your favorite team play and win which will be a special memory.

Our luxury vehicles can fit up a large number of passengers at a time. These passengers will sit comfortably and arrive at the venue in style to enjoy the game. Our drivers know the terrain very well. They know where the top sporting events are holding within the city. We have compiled a list of some of the steps to take when looking for a limousine service that offers solutions tailored to your needs when you are looking to attend a sporting event.

How to Find the Best Limousine Service to take you to your Sporting Event

When it comes to choosing a limousine service to take you to your sporting event, you need to be careful. The task can be a bit complex. This is because their many limo services out there to choose from. The options are limitless. Going forward, you must do proper research on the options out there before making a choice. To properly do your research here are some suggestions for you:


The best way to know the best limousine service to use for your sporting event is to rely on word-of-mouth referrals. You can seek the opinion of co-workers, family members, and close friends. Even your neighbors can be a source of word-of-mouth referrals. Ask them about any limousine services that they might have used previously. Find out their recommendations on the providers.


Before making a choice regarding which service you’ll work with, make sure you check online reviews on the companies on your radar. Try to get references from people close to you. Get references from at least two persons to improve your odds. The online reviews of most limousine firms will show you comments about how other customers were treated when they used their service. Checking online reviews is the easiest way to know more about a limousine transportation firm.


How many years have they been operational in the limousine transportation industry? How many jobs have they done? The total number of years that a limo transportation service has gotten is essential to determining how their service will be. Some challenges affect how a ride will turn out. To have an amazing trip to your sports event, choose a limousine transportation service that has been operating for a good number of years. Don’t forget to check experience when you see a provider suited to your needs.

How Many vehicles do They Have?

A top limousine service must have a broad range of automobiles in its fleet. Their choices can range from Mercedes sprinters to party buses and shuttle buses. They can also acquire stretch limos and SUVs. They must go for vehicles that are tailored to their user needs. When you are looking for a limousine service to take you to a sporting event, the small firms have limited options. Meanwhile, the bigger firms have multiple options. So there’s a variety to choose from when it comes to size and standard.

Check Them Out In Person

It is ideal to always make in-person visits to the limousine transportation service you choose to hire to take you to your special sports event. When you go in person, you’ll know what you are signing up for. There wouldn’t be any surprises. You’ll be able to have an idea of the kind of cars they have in their fleet. Some limousine companies can be misleading by putting up photos of different automobiles on their online page only to have something different in their fleet. By visiting the company you’ll be sure of the types of cars they have and decide whether you’ll use them or not. You’ll also be able to see for yourself if the company follows the current CDC stipulated safety measures as they claim on their online page.


Safety is arguably the most important protocol that every limousine transportation service must follow especially during the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. Try to determine if the limousine transport service has acquired a certificate that grants them the right to operate. Do they follow the current health practices? How is their insurance? Do they properly train their employees? Are their vehicles regularly inspected? Are their cars DTU approved? If the answer you get to all of the above questions is No, then that’s a bad sign. You must move on at this point.

Give us a call so that we can take you to your special sports events. We will make the ride a memorable one.

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